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Regular High School (Grades 10-12)

Most high school schools offer regular programming, but no two schools are quite the same. Regular programming is based on curriculum determined by Alberta Education, but a school’s focus, optional courses and activities will vary depending on how it is organized to meet student needs. Visit the different sections of our website or our Program Guide to learn more about what McNally has to offer!

“Nothing but the best” is our motto. Excellence is what we strive for in school programming, culture and infrastructure.

  • 18 portable computer labs with SMART Boards in most classrooms
  • Annual Dance and Fine Arts showcases and our Big Band Ball and Band Coffee House events
  • Learning Resource Centre equipped with 60 student laptops and e-readers
  • Focus on 21st century digital literacies and competencies
  • Multiple science labs
  • Annual participation in numerous academic competitions (skills, science and math)
  • Award-winning theatre productions and opportunities for participation in technical production and/or performance
  • Musical groups like concert band, jazz ensemble and jazz choir
  • Nationally recognized Computing Sciences program