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Chinese Bilingual (Mandarin)

‌Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual provides students with opportunities to acquire and maintain language skills in both Chinese (Mandarin) and English.

Our Chinese Bilingual program is supported by the Confucius Institute of Edmonton. The Confucius Institute provides classroom support in a variety of ways, including the provision of classroom assistance through participation of visiting Chinese teachers.

Our program currently includes:

- Grade 11 (offered only in 2019-2020)

- Grade 12 (offered in 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 only)



  • Develop language and literacy skills in both Chinese (Mandarin) and English
  • Learn about Chinese culture through enrichment programs such as Tai Chi, traditional Chinese painting, dough art, calligraphy, and traditional Chinese paper cutting & knots


  • Proficiency in English and Chinese
  • Improved academic achievement through second-language learning
  • Improved skills in the student’s first language
  • Knowledge and appreciation of different cultures
  • International language certification opportunities
  • Opportunities for scholarships to summer and winter camps in Shandong Province, China

Mandarin Program Brochure


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