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Student Support Services

Student Support Services assists students in the areas of personal development, educational planning, and career exploration.   

Personal - Issues arising out of conflicts between friends and family members, or personal concerns or worries about oneself that make it difficult to carry on normal school studies. Our counsellors also serve as a  liaison between students/families and community services or other support agencies.

Educational - Assistance in program planning/course selection, tutorial help, and other concerns relating to the academic areas.  Study skills, writing exams, handling anxiety and other relevant topics will be handling both through lunch break seminars and individual counselling sessions. Parents and students are invited to contact our counsellors with educational inquiries.

Career - Assisting students to realistically define their possible career pathways in the future.  An extensive career/post-secondary library in the Student Services area is available throughout the day as well as computers for internet access to vocational and post-secondary information.  Interest and vocational tests are available upon request.  The myblueprint.ca website is available for all students.   A post-secondary day and ongoing post-secondary visits give student access to various post-secondary representatives from institutions in Alberta and beyond. Students also benefit from a variety of occupational speakers who provide lunch break information sessions.  Students are encouraged to visit Student Services to garner information about available scholarships, grants and loans.

Safe Space - Represents a commitment to equitable (fair) access, dignity and safety for all people of all orientations and identities. Individuals and organizations can provide safe spaces.

Safe and Caring Schools

At McNally, we have a Gay-straight student alliance. Gay-straight student alliances or queer-straight student alliances (GSAs or QSAs) are student-run and teacher-supported school-based groups that work to create welcoming, caring, respectful and safe spaces for sexual and gender minority students and their allies in schools.




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