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Parent Involvement

Education is about relationships – within and outside of our classrooms. Successful schools promote the relationships among the parents, students, teachers, administrators, and other school members to develop a strong school community that focuses on student learning.  At McNally School, we appreciate  the support and involvement of our parent groups. Parents are encouraged to attend parent meetings whenever possible. We also appreciate the involvement of parents with speaking to classes, tutoring, assisting in the Library, helping out with school functions, and in many other ways.

At this time, the parent groups associated with our school include:

  • McNally School Council
  • McNally Program Support Association
  • Edmonton Chinese Bilingual Education Association

All parents of students in McNally High School are welcome and encouraged to attend parent meetings. These meetings provide opportunities to dialogue and provide the administration with input into school decisions.  Please take the opportunity to be part of these dynamic groups of parents who continue to make a real difference in the lives of McNally School students and staff through their support.

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