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Welcome to Tiger Territory!

“I feel safe to be myself here…”

“I appreciate opportunities for us to perform and be part of live shows in theatre, band and dance...”

“I live miles far away, but McNally is well worth the bus ride…..”

“Field trips and travel opportunities are great……”

“.....really great coaches and athletics programming.”

"I have become internationally minded and through IB, I have a better sense of what it means to be a global citizen."

“I like coming to school everyday. I like the atmosphere and opportunities at McNally.”

“The courtyard and windows bring the light and outdoors into our halls and classes…”

“I can’t believe how friendly students and teachers are...”

“Our location is the most beautiful in the city. The river valley is another classroom for us.”

“....lots of clubs, teams, student union and other leadership activities.”

“Everyone belongs here regardless of their background, program or grade level.”

“McNally youth give back to our community and we try to make a difference in the world.”

“You walk down the hall and teachers welcome you into their classrooms.”

"I am excited to be part of the Norquest dual credit Health Care Aide program. Cutting edge!"

“I am happy and achieving better than before.”

“I like the music in the halls between classes.”

“We start later so that I get here on time.”

“Tiger pride is everywhere. Orange Crush equals school spirit!”

"Appreciate flexibiliy to take regular and IB courses at same time."

“Teachers that care a lot.”

“One of the cleanest schools I have seen.”

“Love the annual ski trip and international exchanges.”

“Every class has Chromebook access.”

“This school is just the right size. Small enough that your teachers get to know you and care about you as an individual; and yet large enough to have great school spirit and lots of course offerings.”

“We have the best spirit wear...orange is the best.”

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