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Global Learning and international Mindedness

McNally is proud of the opportunities we provide students to become global learners and citizens. Our students participate in global citizenship efforts, take advantage of worldwide travel opportunities and gain a global advantage through our internationally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) program. International-mindedness is an overarching construct related to fostering intercultural understanding, global citizenry, and multilingualism. 

Our definition of "international mindedness" is co-constructed by students and teachers. Our definition focuses on connecting with others, while connecting to ourselves in reflective ways. We see international-mindedness as an evolving construct which continually changes over time, based on current events, and through new learnings.

McNally has established student learning partnerships with Finland, Spain, and China that typically offer opportunities for student exchanges. Through McNally’s partnership with the Centre for Global Education, students can work a variety  of organizations, educational institutions, students, teachers and researchers around the world.

Our students are involved in many service projects that provide them with real life learning outside the classroom. In the past, students have raised funds to purchase a computer network for an impoverished rural school in Uganda, attended the annual Gall Human Rights Conference, and volunteered and participated in activities sponsored by the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights. McNally students have an ongoing partnership with a cooperative where students  import and sell African-made handcrafts in support of a community devastated by AIDS.

At McNally, there are  an unlimited ways for students  to get involved by learning how to lead and  implement meaningful activities that develop school spirit and serve societal needs through community service initiatives.  As an IB school, our students  are  taught  to think globally and act locally as  they make a significant  difference in the world through these service activities.  Students can serve the global and local community through leadership and International Baccalaureate Creativity-Activity-Service (CAS) projects and coursework as part of their timetable, outside of the timetable, or after school. We encourage and foster potentially life changing experiences through service and community work!

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