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Parents no longer have to complete a new FOIP Consent form every year. Now parents complete the form once, either through SchoolZone or on a paper form that the school sent home. The District keeps your decision on file so you do not have to fill out the form every year.  Please note that the form has been changed to include a “Yes, I consent” or “No, I do not consent” checkbox.  

You can sign the form, review or change your decision by logging into SchoolZone, click on the “Forms” tab and select “FOIP Consent Form”.

To help ensure that you know and understand how your child’s information may be used, the school administration and/or your child’s teacher will continue to communicate with you and provide you with additional information on events and projects that your child may be participating in.

Consent is voluntary, you may withdraw your consent and request that personal information regarding your child be removed from sites that are administered by Edmonton Public Schools by notifying the school principal in writing.

Please note that once photographs, student names and other identifying information is released in any public forum, Edmonton Public Schools cannot control or prevent the further distribution or use of the material by those who access the information. For more details on how personal information is used in Edmonton Public Schools visit Edmonton Public Schools Collection and Use of Personal Information.