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Tiger IB

Why IB @ McNally?

  • Deliberately focus on balancing academic study with opportunities in the Arts, Athletics, and Leadership in a comprehensive high school setting.
  • Compliment your IB experience with a variety of other programs, electives, clubs, and opportunities at McNally such as McNally Makes, Dance McNally, McNally Music, Campus EPSB, McNally Theatre, and McNally Woodshop.
  • Through your three years, enjoy targeted academic development in partnership with U of A libraries, and MacEwan Arts and Design programming.
  • Enhanced embedded support from our counselling and academic IB team throughout your high school years and into your post-secondary career to support program progress and planning.

Why IB?

  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an academic enrichment program designed to support the development of future-ready skills and to prepare students for a variety of career possibilities, and specifically a successful university experience.
  • As a worldwide organization in over 140 countries, it can be assured that a student earning an IB Diploma is prepared as a global citizen whether studying at a university in Alberta, elsewhere in Canada, or somewhere else in the world, graduates have the skills and competencies necessary to be successful in a variety of environments.
  • As an internationally recognized credential, completion of an IB certificate or diploma can be used to support university applications either at home or abroad, and may be used to earn advanced university course credit and/or entry.  

For 2024-2025

Students interested in pursuing an IB education will be part of McNally’s grade 10 Pre-IB Cohort. The purpose of the grade 10 year is to introduce and expose students to key components of the IB Learner Profile and Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL) across their subjects within a dedicated group of learners. As grade 10 transitions into grade 11, students, families, and teachers then utilize the experiences of the grade 10 Pre-IB year to make informed decisions, with confidence, to plan and carry out their grade 11 and 12 school years within the IB program.  


Heading into grade 10 for 2024-2025? See below for a listing of courses our Pre-IB cohort students will have.

  1. ELA 10-1 Pre-IB
  2. Social Studies 10-1 Pre-IB
  3. Math 10C Pre-IB
  4. Math 20-1 Pre-IB
  5. Science 10 Pre-IB
  6. Second Language (continue in French or start in Spanish or Chinese)  
  7. Physical Education 10 or an option class of your choice
  8. Option class of you choice

Looking for more detailed information about IB and IB at McNally? Check out our International Baccalaureate Frequently Asked Questions