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Fine Arts


McNally’s Fine Arts students demonstrate a dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the arts. Our passion for the arts helps our students to develop various presentation skills that will be beneficial long after high school. At McNally, the development of the fine arts is integral to supporting well-rounded development of our students - including mental well-being and personal development. In fact, we  believe that the fine arts have the power to transform learning for many students. The fine arts can also be part of your customized IB program.

Within the context of dance studies, our students develop dance skills in various genres of dance. Students develop technique, stylistic versatility and choreography skills. Outside of dance classes, any student may join in our Hip Hop Collective or help with the production of our annual Dance Showcase.

Our growing drama program helps students learn the key elements of character development, writing for the theatre, movement, improvisation, and how to become a compelling storyteller. In addition, students have opportunities to study lighting, staging, camera angles, and more as they prepare in-class and extracurricular theatre productions. Students throughout the school are invited to join our Citadel Club and our Improv Team.

We also offer extensive Visual and Technical Arts and Design Thinking programming at McNally High School. Students can study art, art history, communication technology and explore professional studio art within the context or class or in our Pottery Guild. 

McNally’s music program is growing and  focused on developing musical and performance skills and giving our students opportunities  to explore a variety of musical styles and genres. Through extra-curricular and co-curricular music ensembles, our students have opportunities for music enrichment opportunities within Edmonton Public Schools and in the music community at large. In addition to Instrumental Music, our students are invited to participate in our Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and Choir.

We invite our parents, guardians, and community members to join us for our Fine Arts Showcases and other special events that will highlight the many talents of our McNally students. For more information about arts education at McNally, please contact our Department Head of Fine Arts.


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