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Fine Arts

McNally’s Fine Arts students demonstrate a dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the arts. This passion helps our students to develop presentation and collaboration skills that will be beneficial long after high school. At McNally, Fine Arts is integral to supporting the development of well-rounded, mentally healthy students that encourages a healthy balance with academic programming like IB. In fact, we believe that the Fine Arts have the power to transform learning for many students and to unite students at all academic levels. 

Each year, the Fine Arts Showcase brings all of our students together from their various disciplines to demonstrate their skills in an entertaining evening of collaborative projects and performances. Later in the year Dance, Theatre and Music each host their own event. These are often the highlights of a student's high school memories as they perform at venues such as the Triffo Theatre, L’Uni Theatre, or the Winspear Centre. 

Visual Arts and Ceramics display their creations throughout the school and at various events and markets during the year. Students can develop their creative skills using the Principles of Art and Design in these classes.

For detailed information regarding programming in each area, please follow the links below to our dedicated Fine Arts Website.