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Course Selection

After students have completed either their pre-enrolment or registration with McNally for the 2021-2022 school year, students may choose their courses. Course selection is a process that begins with a plan. Use the resources below to help you plan out your course requests for the 2021-2022 school year.

*Example course selection forms are not comprehensive and are for illustrative purposes only. Course selections are unique to each student and these examples are only intended to highlight some common themes we see across our student population. It is important to balance both academic and personal growth in course selections. By aiming high academically, students can keep the most amount of doors open as they move through and beyond high school. As students progress through their high school career and start to focus in on a potential career pathway, course selections may narrow. Provide opportunities to ensure balance and wellness opportunities. When considering the requirements for a specific postsecondary program, be sure to visit the postsecondary school’s website for the most up to date listing of required courses as they are re-evaluated each year.   

Summer School - Summer School is run by Metro Continuing Education and registration starts on April 15 through their website. If you anticipate taking a summer school class, please ensure that you check that it is going to be scheduled by Metro Continuing Education. Check their website above for the most up to date information regarding their course offerings. When making course selections at McNally, you will be selecting courses assuming you've completed and passed whichever course you might choose to complete over the summer.


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