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McNally has a long tradition in providing second language and bilingual education opportunities to our school community. Historically, we have been a leader in EPSB's Mandarin Bilingual program, and have also hosted strong French and Spanish second language programs.

For September, 2024, McNally is planning to offer Chinese, French, and Spanish second language courses. We are excited to continue building our French Language Pathways targeted towards students continuing in FSL 9 or who are leaving their French Immersion or Francophone programs. In addition, we we are excited to re-introduce Chinese Language and Culture as a second language offering.

The French Language Pathway provides students the opportunity to complete French 31a, b, and c. Students who have successfully completed French Language Arts 9 (French Immersion) or Français 9 (Francophone) are eligible to pursue the French Language Pathway.

This pathway provides students the opportunity to pursue high level French language instruction while transitioning their Math, Sciences, and Social Studies to English language instruction in the heart of Edmonton’s river valley at McNally High School. Blending strong French language programming with our high level academic programs ensures that students have access to both high quality language opportunities blended with opportunities to pursue International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects of choice as part of their high school journey.  

McNally French Language Pathways: